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Hello I invested $1000 in the 15% daily program for 10 days! You have to pay me 1500 dollars by now! But the thief and fraudster admin of the project changed my investment plan to a 0.3% daily plan for 900 days which did not exist at all!!!

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Very Good Coins Union Limited

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I just recover my money back to thanks to Guys you can check my recovery proof at their site

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  • How to invest online in HYIPs

    It can be very profitable to invest in HYIPs but you should proceed with caution. Here are some useful tips to help you with your online investments. read more

  • About HYIPs

    HYIPs: High Yield Investment Programs are online investing schemes paying daily, weekly or monthly profits. read more

  • High Yield Investment Programs - Good & Bad

    Any type of HYIP will certainly take every step to look attractive to you and me. It really takes a giant amount of research and a lot of luck to pick a winner. Bear in mind that the HYIP supporters are keen to confuse and issue, and deflect attention, but you can dig through the majority of that if you know exactly what youre searching for. read more

  • HYIP Investors - Mistakes to Avoid

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  • Stay informed by checking the paying status of a high yield investment program by consulting a hyip monitor if you are interested in investing cryptocurrencies online, for more information about other ways to earn money online and to findout what hyip is paying.

About HYIPs

HYIPs: High Yield Investment Programs are online investing schemes paying daily, weekly or monthly profits.

Some HYIPs have a good business plan with a large principal, and naturally, they are stable more, and many HYIPs will scam as soon as their income be zero.

Yes, this is like a Ponzi scheme. Admins collect money from investors and pay the same money to them again. Of course, some HYIPs do real business with investors funds, but those are not very much. Then they are not a legal company and will be ended a day finally, but this is very hard to define what day an HYIP will go and stop paying. Generally, an HYIP with a long term plan can stay more than a short term HYIP.

What is Long Term HYIP and Short Term Hyip?

It is depended on their average daily interest, which they pay to investors. There is no solid border between long term and short term interest, but I can explain it for you. Look, For example, this investment plan “1.7% -2.5% daily for 120 days” is a Long Term investment plan because HYIP must pay you a small amount daily for 120 days, and 120 days is a long period in HYIP because HYIP investing has very high risk. Your principal will remain for an extended period in HYIP, and no one knows when that HYIP will stop paying. Also, this investment plan “10% daily for 13 days” or “105% – 120% daily for one day” is a Short Term investment plan, and your principal will be returned very fast if HYIP pays really. The risk of these types of HYIP is high because of fast high-interest returns, but because of quick principal return, many investors choose short-term HYIP. Then HYIP with Long Term investment plan is Long Term HYIP and Short Term investment plan is Short Term HYIP.

What HYIP to choose?

As I said, your experience will help you but not 100%. Newbie investors often fall into a trap by scammers beautiful website designs and deceptive fast return investment plans. Then if you are a newbie in the HYIP market, I highly recommend not investing in a program more than the money you can lose. Also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. And notice each HYIP will go a day finally, and this is HYIP’s nature. For the short term, HYIPs join faster and exit faster, and if you be lucky, you will earn this way. For best long term HYIPs that must be stable for more than six months, you can make money safely because even if they go faster than six months, at least you’ve taken more considerable returns of your principal.