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Hello I invested $1000 in the 15% daily program for 10 days! You have to pay me 1500 dollars by now! But the thief and fraudster admin of the project changed my investment plan to a 0.3% daily plan for 900 days which did not exist at all!!!

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  • Stay informed by checking the paying status of a high yield investment program by consulting a hyip monitor if you are interested in investing cryptocurrencies online, for more information about other ways to earn money online and to findout what hyip is paying.

How to invest online in HYIPs

It can be very profitable to invest in HYIPs but you should proceed with caution. Here are some useful tips to help you with your online investments.

Creating your eCurrency accounts.

If you want to invest in HYIPs you should own accounts on the big payment processors in this business. We recommend you to open a account on the following payment processors: Perfectmoney and Bitcoin. You find the links to those payment processors at the left side of this page (maybe you have to scroll down a bit). After you have created the accounts you should fund them with money with one of the trusted ecurrency exchangers.

They also offer debit cards, so you can withdraw your money directly with ATMs.

What should I invest?

We cannot recommend any amount. You should only invest what you can afford to loose. HYIPs are very risky and you will definitely make losses until you haveve learned the basics.

How to choose a HYIP?

First you should decide which way you want to go: Short Term or Long Term. Short Term HYIPs are programs which pay big profits within 1 to 30 business days. After this time you´ll get your principal back. But don´t think this is more secure! Short Term HYIPs are very dangerous for your money.

You should choose your HYIPs by look at the monitors and forums. Look at their website and analyze the information. This is important to choose the right HYIP. Look at their certificates and contact data. Also look at the supported payment processors. Tip: Choose HYIPs who are running and paying stable for at least 30 days.


You should not invest your money in just one HYIP. Distribute your capital between several HYIPs. This is more secure because it is very unlikely that all HYIPs are going scam at the same time.

Your daily homework

You should thread your activity in the HYIP business not as investing. You should thread it like gambling. So you have to check all your HYIPs every day. Cashout what you can and don´t use the compounding option (if available). If you want to use compounding do it only within a range of 10 to 30 percent. Check out the forums and monitors daily. If there is a little sign of scam you should take out your money as fast as possible, even if you are not in profit. Better loose a part of your money than the whole money. Many HYIPs are supporting early withdrawal for a fee.

One last Tip: Use a Excel sheet to calculate your profits. So you know exactly when you are in profit.

We hope we could help you with this article. Happy gambling / investing.